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Joe DeLio Letter
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To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Todd Alexander to be the skate Technician for Skate America 1993.

Todd came to Denver in 1989 to take my seminar and trained to be an ice skate technician. The seminar is a 25 hour highly organized and technical training session. It shows how to do all of the necessary skate sharpening and repairs that skaters need.

I have found Todd to be highly skilled in the use of skate preparation equipment. He is innovative and shows a desirable attitude when dealing with skaters and parents.

Of all of the technicians that I have trained in the past 20 years Todd is probably the most willing and skillful of all.

Your choice of designating him as your technician would be a good one, and he would serve your committee and skaters well.


P. Joseph De Lio
Skate Technician Nationals 88-90-92-93

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