This article was written and published in 2001. Every year there is new equipment in the Hockey industry, and some references to heat molding and other types of equipment may become out of date. The […]


During the summer some semi-pro players will join summer adult leagues just to keep their skates under them. I’ve met professional players who had no idea that the blade could be moved on the boot […]


Not too many years ago, well rockered skates were considered a sign of a good skater. Actually, back then, what players were looking for was pinpoint turning ability to help maneuver in front and around […]


Over the years I have heard a lot of funny statements; “Just sharpen my skates a little bit”, “I want a defenseman’s cut”, “because I’m a bigger player, I need a deeper hollow”, “just sharpen […]


Goalie skates have changed over recent years. Actually, the way we sharpen goalie skates has changed as the techniques and styles that goalies use have changed. It used to be all goalies wanted their blades […]


Skiers decide what type of wax they put on their skis when they reach the slopes, race car drivers use specific tires for different road conditions and temperatures, yet it is amazing how few hockey […]